How Short Workouts Help With Weight Loss

Most people don’t have the time to go to the gym or do a long workout while trying to lose weight. It just isn’t something that seems to fit into the lifestyle of people who are working and have a family. The good news is that short workouts can be just as beneficial as long workouts for weight loss, and everyone can find the time to incorporate a short workout into their day.

Benefits of Short Workouts

Short workouts require you to boost the intensity. Whether you’re trying to boost your metabolic rate or trying to get a bikini belly, short workouts will help! You have to get a big bang for your buck, and the best way to do that is to workout harder than you would if you were working out longer. And studies are showing that this intense workout can be even more beneficial for you than a long workout.

The intensity seems to matter more than the time of the workout. This is why high-intensity interval training is so popular for short workouts. It is a way to do intense anaerobic exercise with short periods of recovery. And, it promises to do more for weight loss than long periods of working out can do.

“HIIT burns more fat and creates a greater afterburn than steady training at a lower heart rate does.” – Jillian Michael

Also, because most people don’t have the time to put a long workout into their schedule, they just avoid exercise altogether – even while trying to lose weight. This can slow down the results from their weight loss, and possibly even put a stop to it in some cases.

Short workouts give busy people the benefits of working for weight loss without having to commit too much time. It is always better to workout than to not workout when it comes to metabolism benefits and calorie deficit.

Don’t Have Time?

There are different times recommended for a short workout. For instance, there are many fitness experts that recommend 10-minute workouts to burn off calories and rev up your metabolism. But you can also find recommendations for 15, 20, and 30 minutes.

You may be convinced that a short workout is beneficial for your weight loss, but you may still not believe you have the time. The truth is you probably do if you are willing to give up something else in your day in exchange for the benefits of the workout.

For instance, the sitcom that you don’t really care about can be dropped for a workout. Or, your lunch hour where you sit and talk with your co-workers could be used to get a good workout in. Also, setting your clock to wake you up a few minutes earlier may be the answer you are looking for. There are many different ways you can get a quick workout in when you think about it.

If you feel exhausted just thinking about sneaking in a workout, remember that exercise and weight loss help boost energy. The more you push yourself now, the easier it will become to stick with it as your energy increases.